Ever since I was a kid, I've been interested in playing with electronics and seeing what kinds of cool art could be made of them. The availability of 3D printing and small low-cost microcontrollers like Arduino and Raspberry Pi has vastly expanded the horizon of what it is possible to create, and with The Imperative, I intend to capture this grand creative opportunity!

Step one: Pretty lights! I've always loved decorative lighting - strings of holiday lights, neon signs, candles, you name it. Modern strands of LED lights let you control the color of each light individually. The Imperative's custom lighting software maximizes this with an agent-based approach, allowing each light cell to follow its own programmatic logic. The Imperative's 3D model generation software also provides an adjacency matrix so each light cell knows who it's next to.

Then I get to use all these cool software tools that I made to make cool light art programs! Each Imperative light has custom programs intended to show off its distinctive nature. Many also include the ability the function as clocks, or play a simple game. Did I mention I like games? Who doesn't, right? Why shouldn't more of the things in our homes play games with us? These are the kinds of questions The Imperative is dedicated to answering.